01. On an [impulse], I decided it would be fun to take my wife out to dinner as a surprise.
02. When my boss told me I was fired, my first [impulse] was to punch him, but I quickly decided that it wouldn't be a good idea.
03. She had to fight the [impulse] to laugh out loud when she heard her ex-husband had been dumped by his lover.
04. Electric eels use their electric sense to 'see' by sending out weak [impulses] which bounce off objects and reveal their location.
05. The human brain generates more electrical [impulses] in a single day than all the telephones in the world combined.
06. Culture has been described as a complex set of ideas, or learned habits, that inhibit [impulses] and distinguish people from animals.
07. Nerve [impulses] in the human body travel at a speed of over 250 kilometers per hour.
08. She felt an [impulse] to run when she saw the little dog coming towards her, but then decided it was time she overcame her fear.
09. My mother worries that I'm too [impulsive], but actually I think I'm pretty careful when I make an important decision.
10. Humans seem to have a natural [impulse] to build, whether it is a child's snowman or an Egyptian pyramid.
11. My husband has a bad habit of buying things on [impulse] without seeing if he can get a better deal somewhere else.
12. René Descartes was able to avoid conflict with the Church only by acknowledging that God was the source of the original [impulse] to reason.
13. She [impulsively] gave the panhandler a $10 bill when he asked for money, but then regretted it because she didn't have any money left to buy lunch.
14. I'm usually a responsible shopper, but when I go to bookstores I often find myself leaving the store with a bag full of [impulse] buys.
15. Abraham Lincoln once said, "Whenever I hear anyone arguing for slavery, I feel a strong [impulse] to see it tried on him personally."
16. Dr. Karl Menninger observed that hope is a necessity for normal life, and the major weapon against the suicide [impulse].
17. She was so [impulsive] that we never knew what she would do next.

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